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Part of the reason for the website and the CBO group is to help us keep these old gals up and running.  Its hard enough keeping 50 year old bodies up and running let alone 50-60 year old boats.  Most of us revel in the challenge and while we love driving new cars, nothin beats an old boat on the water.

On a recent occasion, one member lost an outdrive and when he went about trying to get it fixed, he was met with less than favorable results.  Ron Fasola went to work and dug up some interesting information that might be helpful to other who find a loud noise emanating from their rear section.

Thanks Ron.




Mercury made TRS and TR drives in the early 70’s.  In the mid 80’s, Merc replaced these drives with their Bravo series drives.  The TR drive swings a slightly larger diameter prop than the TRS.

Parts for the TR/TRS drives are getting scarce and expensive.  Depending on the amount of damage to the unit, it may be more practical to replace the whole unit with a Bravo drive.

I don’t know yet how involved a Bravo replacement would be regarding transom cut-out, etc.  It doesn’t sound cheap.



Fallon Marine – Spoke to them, they don’t work on them.  They referred me to:

  • Van, at Preventative Maintenance, in LHC. (928) 486-7941
    • I spoke to Van who said parts are getting scarce and hard to find. He said the TRS/TR drives were a HD drive for heavy boats.  If a TRS/TR wasn’t needed, a Merc Alpha drive was used.  He said if the damage is extensive, it would most likely be best to replace the drive with a Bravo drive for which parts are plentiful and available.  But that’s not cheap either, $3,800 for the transom assembly, another $3- 4K for the Bravo drive, and that may be without labor.  He has done and can do the conversion, and says it saves about 500 lbs. at the transom, and the boat runs way better.  An appropriate Bravo prop must also be determined.
  • Lew, at Socal Speed & Marine in LHC. (928) 733-6330

Butch Locatis said JC Marine’s owner, Greg Rush, may be a good contact.  Butch worked on the old Green Limousine that had twin Volvo drives, and when one blew, JC fixed it.

JC Marine

I spoke to Greg at JC Marine, and he said he can’t work on them, but his former partner did.  Greg gave me a contact that can possibly work on them – Jim at Chong Marine in LHC, (928) 855-7259.

Butch also mentioned that Connely Marine in LHC may be a contact.


  1. I have a mercruser ingine with a serial number C756899. the breather says it is 260 V8.
    Can you tell me where I could find specs on this motor.? I am nw to boating and mercruiser.
    Thank You
    Steve Yayne

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