32ft Campbell “Bunks Bunny”

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The boat is a 1970 Campbell Flybridge, hull #32C604.  Willets (Bunk) Haines was the original owner and according to the Campbell boat owners fabrication registry he took ownership on 10/12/1970.  According to paperwork we found along with information from neighbors, he transferred the boat to Crystal River, FL in September 2012 and worked on it for about 3 years before replacing the engines with 380 hp Cummins Diesels in 2015.  The engines have <100hrs on them.  Soon afterwards he was diagnosed with cancer and passed in early 2017.  The boat has sat idle since then.  We purchased his house and the boat came with it.  It is not well suited to our area and no one here knows about the Campbell history or appreciates the boat.  It needs some TLC (the carpeted deck has deteriorated) and we are hoping to sell it to someone who will appreciate the boat for more than the engines.  Asking price is $30,000 (less than the cost of the engines).
Robert Patterson
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2 Comments on “32ft Campbell “Bunks Bunny””

  1. Hi. Interested. Would like to see some interior pics if possible (berths, galley, head, etc). Thanks!

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