41st Regatta 2013!

Our 41st Regatta was a big turn-out on Sept 22-23, 2013!

Total registration numbers, 37 Paid registered boats and persons attended 100+. The weekend kicked off at Marty Raymond’s house for a meet and greet dinner with the “Flying Blind” band kicking out some great live music. On Saturday the “Zombies” gathered in the bay before a parade through the channel and then a ghoulish trek up the gorge to Park Moabi for a delicious BB-Q. The horseshoe Tournament ended up being a battle of the Riggens family as Eric and Bronson knocked off Beth and Katrina Riggen to take first place. Sunday morning we gathered again in the bay sans “Zombie” attire, though some looked like they were still in make-up…rough night. A run down south to Havasu Springs Inner Harbor for s delicous brunch. From there we had a final tie up in a cove to end the weekend. It was finally time for the “Zombies” to get back in their crypts, coffins or tow vehicle.

Once again we appreciate all your volunteerism to help keep this event the stand-out it is

Marty Raymond and his crew

David Dreyer and Mo Resendiz

Vickie Corwin and her friend Trish

Brad, Beth, Eric, Matt Riggen

Mitch and Tyler Parker

Barb Tyrell

Bev Steele

Ron and Arlene Fasola

Horseshoe Manager: Eric Riggen

Thanks to all of you. Once again thanks to all of you who attended to make this such a great event and we expect to see more of you next year!