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     The goal of this site is to bring all of our fellow Campbell owners together and compile a list of owners, schedule events and keep everyone advised with our calendar page. Please pass this webpage on to all your fellow owners and have them register their beautiful Campbell boats to the site (See the Boat Owners Page). We will add your e-mail to our master mailing list of all owners for notification of upcoming events. We understand that everyone does not have e-mail, but we have to start somewhere to get the word of mouth going.

    There is great history with Campbell boats, but more importantly great Campbell owners who share the pride of owning a Campbell and spending a day at the lake with each other a few times a year.

    The site has a sponsor and a great source for Campbell Boat repair. Fellow Campbell boat owner Marty Raymond has opened a reapir shop speciallizing in Campbell and other boats. Give him a call if you have any maintenance or repair needs. He is also a good source of information for Campbells. 480-231-7193


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Current Calendar

Next Event: Bob Whelan Memorial Campbell Spring Round-up May 19-21, 2017

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Site Updates

11/14/15: So another year has passed and it is time to update the calendar... So once again when planning vacations, do not remember to work in some of our events, here is our Calendar of date for next year: Click Here!

10/31/14: Hey, good time to set your calendar for next year... So as you are planning your vacations for next year, here is our Calendar of date for next year: Click Here!

06/22/14: How about some unique Campbell items.... So if you missed the Spring roundup, you missed one of the custom highlights....Bev Steele(Steele reserve) was sporting a custom made Campbell Boats Handbag. It could be a purse or you could use it for carrying other items on your boat. So a few asked how and where....well here is the information from Bob and Bev Steele.

Jenny at Trophy Queen (her shop is in Ventura) is really big in the hotrod/rat rod custom car show scene. Bob bought the material (ordering the same marine vinyl used in the boat) took it to her and then sent her the art work that was on the Campbell Owner site. She did the rest. Her and Bev discussed how Bev wanted the colors and what would and would not look cool. It has Zebra print interior, and there might be a couple of other options.

Jenny mentioned that if a couple of orders came together she could offer a discount. He paid 275.00 for it which sounds like a lot but considering how much girls are paying for Coach or Jimmy Chu crap, but It is way cooler and very unique.

The Conact information: (805) 850-5576

The other item you keep looking for are hats....well new boat owners Craig and Janet Fowler(The Office) decided they needed sun protection that matched their newly acquired Campbell, hence Janet found a source and had the artwork done. So if you are looking for hats, here is a source. The website:

Quote for Cap Front Embroidery: Qty. 1 - 4 $12 ea. Qty. 5 - 12 $10 ea. Qty. 13 - 48 $8 ea.

Quote for Cap Back Embroidery: Qty. 1 - 4 $10 ea. Qty. 5 - 12 $6 ea. Qty. 13 - 48 $5 ea.

Plus the cost of the cap. You can choose from many styles on the website

Any questions or concerns contact Brenda Shuman at Embroidery Image Inc.

110 S. Citrus Ave. Unit B Vista, CA 92084 (760) 212-9647 cell (760) 726-4167 office (760) 941-8992 fax


06/15/14: 2014 Bob Whelan Memorial Spring Roundup photos have been added to the website.Click Here! Plus we have some bonus vidoes supplied by Bob and Beverly Steele(Steele Reserve) Click Here! and Rick Howard(Summer Love) Click Here! some cool additional views of the round-up

01/09/14: Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. So it has been a little while since I tossed out an update, so how about some winter boating projects while you are waiting for boating weather? Well we have a few for you.

Ron Fasola kicked out a few write-ups of his past projects related to Trailer Bunks, Adding a Second Captians Chair and Replacing your Existing Cavition Plates.

Bob Steele does an excellent job documenting his high level boating project project of Replacing Bulkheads(PDF File).

Finally your humble webmaster, David Francis, kicked in my new Swimstep Replacement(PDF File) project.

So while you are waiting for warmer weather, here are a few boating projects, some not for the faint of heart. So please be realistic of your mechanical capabilities and tools/equipment available to accomplish these potential winter projects. If you have any questions on these projects, email and I will pass them on to the appropriate author.

11/04/13: Hey guess what...better late than never...but it's time for an update....remember that regatta thingy we do....guess what....we took a couple pictures and some of it is scary. Wo with not further ado, we give you the 2013 41st Annual Campbell regatta "Zombies" in action. Click Here!

09/03/13: An Update to the latest "Ron's Ramblings" entry entitled "Factoids". For any of you who got spun out trying to do the MPH math under the Theoretical Boat Speed Calculation section , we added a calculator for you to play around with.....So read the revised Theoretical Boat Speed Calculation section and at the end of it, there will be a link to an Excel sheet MPH calculator....(ATTENTON, ATTENTION: this is for all you guys that do not believe in maps or instruction books and will go straight to the MPH calculator download link, please read the section first before downloading, to understand how it is set-up and realistic expectations for your boat) Have fun with it and give us any feedback on how it worked for you.  Click Here!

08/19/13: So this month our fellow Campbellite, Ron Fasola, has given us yet another installment to our "Ron's Ramblings" section of the site that he has entitled "Factoids". Not the ramblings of a mad man....neh, neh... but a wide variety of information for the shop, boat, carbs, v-drives, props, impellers, trailers... and on and on.... So enjoy reading his latest edition.  Click Here!

07/27/13: So how about a forum for Campbell Boats? We tried it once and it was pretty painful how many outside forces attack your it is best left to the experts.....Hence, there is one that was created at the River Daves Place site...Fellow Campbellite Bob Steele was able to talk them into setting one up, so next time you see him thank him....So you can chat, ask, commizerate, whine(Campbell boat owners don't whine do they? well we llike WINE though), whatever with fellow present and past Campbell Boat owners. So check it out!!  Click Here!

03/01/13: 2012 Klaus' Klambake photos have been added to the website.  Click Here!

02/18/12: Klaus' Klambake Saturday, February 18th:  Do you have photos you would like to share of the Klambake on the website?  Please email them to:

01-08-12: Thanks to Campbell Owner Scott Woodside for sharing this website with us showing Bob Bondurant and Campbell Boats connection:  Click Here!

10-18-11: Campbell Owners The Annual Campbell Jeep Run is next on the calendar Saturday, November 12th. 

10-12-10: Update to Links Page....Be sure to check the links page if you need a mechanic for winter service or general maintenance information and other cool references:  Click Here!

07-10-10: This month I have a late memorial to an owner I never met, Mr John Drew of Lake Havasu. He owned a 28 foot Campbell named "Twice Times". He was one of the first to sign up for our site and I only had one picture for his boat page until recently when his son posted pictures of his boat and the work he had done restoring it. It is stunning and done with all the right stuff from top to bottom. I have updated his boat pageClick Here! with these pictures. Unfortunately John passed away before he was able to finish his boat and join us at our events, but here is the email I received from his son last year.

Mr. Francis It is with great sadness that I am responding to this email to let you know that my Dad passed away on Sunday June 28 2009. His name is John Drew and is the owner of the 28 footer named TwiceTimes out of Lake Havasu City AZ. He was looking forward to taking part in your club activity's upon the finish of the complete restoration of his boat. He was so close, I am glad to say that he did get to drive it a couple of times on some shake down runs and he only had a few small things to look after. I will take over the rains in his honor to complete the boat in his name and take him for one last ride. Thank you and good luck with your club in the future.

John's Son, Chris

So here is to John Drew a fellow Campbellite, a belated R.I.P.

06-05-10: Update on the new Campbell being built. Marty said the target date to hit the water is July 1st. The boat is coming along and looking beautiful. The Cliff and Kathy Lee came up with the new name "Afterburn", very appropriate. So keep an eye out for the new 24 Whaler out on Havasu soon. For updatd pictures: Click Here! If you are playing on Facebook these days, we have a Campbell Boat Owners group you can join. I will be posting calendar info on there as well as the website

04-25-09: Here is a link to the Campbell Boat Fabrication Log. Gary McDade was nice enough to let the Fasola's make a copy of this log at the Clambake. I have converted it into a spreadsheet and eventually will get it on the site as a web page. For now here it is in PDF format for you to snoop at. I also added it to the History Page. This should answer a lot of questions about the boats. I took it verbatim, so you will see different formats on how they kept records on boats and excuse some possible misspellings, the original is in cursive handwriting. This is not the complete log, since they started building boats in 1953 and this starts in the 60's. Plus it does not include any boats built in the 80's when Campbell filed bankruptcy and the molds were sold and Campbell boats were built under other names, most notably, Beismeyer and Ralph Tito to name a few. So here you go:Click Here!

03-16-09: I have had a few requests for this, I have added a page with some logos I have generated in JPG format. These come in handy when you are re doing your interior or some other custom work on your boat and need a logo for your guy to use. I put them under the information section , but here is the link: Click Here!

10-09-08: Well some general updates to the Calendar page, Transom page, Boat Owners page, Links page and Classifieds page. Still need to finish 2008 Regatta Page.....slowly but surely

09-24-08: We just registered our 100th boat to the owners page!! Only 800 to go....

09-23-08: Sad News for the Campbell Owners UPDATED 10-09-08: Click Here!

06-12-08: Updated the Brochures. Thanks to Campbell owner Tom McEntire, original owner of Bittersweet and also BS Too, he had a clean set of original brochures, plus a bunch of other cool stuff I'll post later. The brochures are good since everyone wants to know specs and options about their boats: Click Here! Side note, Regatta registration information coming soon!!

05-11-08: Added a few new areas for "vintage" pictures. Randee Huston, Bob Whelan, Cliff Lee and Steve Sipes have passed along a lot of older pictures. One area is the start of the vintage racing page: Click Here!Also added a page for vintage events, primarily older regatta pictures added to the events page: Click Here! Another added  page is for vintage Campbell Boats, some of which are still operating: Click Here!also added more miscellaneous pictures to Campbell Boats on the History drop-down. If you have any cool old vintage Campbell pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me.

10-12-07: Sad News for the Campbell Owners:UPDATED: Click Here!

8-22-07: Campbell makes Hot Boat. Check out these pages from July of 07 Hot boat featuring a page  on Campbell history plus Danny Kahn's beautiful 20' Campbell and long time Campbell owner David Kahn's spectacular 32' Spectra<Click Here for article!

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